| Make this October the time to quit smoking for good

Make this October the time to quit smoking for good

28th September 2017

Ellen Van Gemmert, Health Development Manager and Jessica Soanes, Apprentice at the Essex Lifestyle Service

Stoptober 2017 is a nationwide campaign that challenges people to stop smoking for 28 days during October. Evidence shows that people who make it to 28 days smoke free are far more likely to kick the habit for good.

A local stop smoking service is available in Essex* and support is available at one-to-one sessions, via telephone support or via a stop smoking app. A variety of stop smoking products can be issued if they are needed.

The stop smoking service is e-cig friendly and can support anyone who wishes to use these as an aid to stop smoking. The service is now also working with some vape shops as many people vape and still use tobacco. Employees at the participating vape shops have received training so that they can support people who want to give up smoking. Some vape shops offer an incentive to those who successfully stop smoking tobacco. This new initiative has been very successful as over 600 people have quit in the last nine months.

To find out more about the support you can get to quit for good Telephone: 0300 303 9988 or email: provide.essexlifestyles@nhs.net

*The Stop Smoking Service has been commissioned by Essex County Council for all its residents. The service is delivered by the Essex Lifestyle Service.

Some examples of people who have quit using the service

An 88 year old man who had been a smoker for over 70 years! His stop smoking advisor saw him every other week, he wore a nicotine-replacement patch (NRT) and used lozenges as required. He managed to stop for good.

A woman who was going on the holiday of a lifetime, but it involved a long-haul flight. She was anxious about not being able to smoke on the plane but, with the help and support of her stop smoking advisor, she managed to quit one week before going away. She bought duty free perfume instead of cigarettes.

A woman who had tried to quit many times. It was really important for her to give up as she wanted to be a non-smoker for the sake of her children. Her stop smoking advisor supported and encouraged her and saw her at two-weekly face-to-face appointments. She has now quit for good.

Donna Porter, South and West Essex Locality Team Lead at the Essex Lifestyle Service
James Taylor, Locality Team Lead and Jessica Soanes, Apprentice at the Essex Lifestyle Service

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